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Amy Jones (sci-fi)

When she was nine years old, Annieka Brenner hid in her parents' closet and watched her father, Seamus Brenner, kill her mother. Twenty-one years later, Seamus Brenner is the Secretary of Internal Affairs for the Commission, the second most powerful man in the government, while Annieka has become Dr Amy Jones, an expert on Empire-era history and ships of the line. Hired as a consultant by Captain Morgan Grayson of the SV Sophia 059 and his crew to investigate an intact Empire ship, the Waratah, Amy discovers that a deadly disease has been stolen from the ship's medical supplies and has been used to infect the Commission's outlying planets - home to many the government has branded 'undesirable'. Trying to keep Grayson and his crew, as well as her younger brother Cam, safe, Amy goes after her father, sure he is responsible for the infection of the outliers, and finds much more than she bargained for.

Part 1: Sci-fi strikes again
Part 2: Return of the sci-fi
Part 3: Sci-fi, again
Part 4: And more sci-fi
Part 5: Boarding the ERV Waratah
Part 6: On board the Waratah
Part 7: Aboard the Waratah - an unexpected discovery
Doctor Amy Jones
Artwork by Alison Mutton. Used with permission.
Part 8: The Waratah bridge
Part 9: Benji
Part 10: Warner's Disease
Part 11: Missing
Part 12: Solving problems with decomposition
Part 13: Bumps in the road
Part 14: Quarantine
Part 15: Grayson's past
Part 16: Plans
Part 17: Idylla
Part 18: Loopholes
Part 19: Leapfrog
Part 20: Family matters
Part 21: Siblings
Part 22: Money and power
Part 23: Distractions
Part 24: Parents, children, and really good muffins
Part 25: Natterby Close
Part 26: Signal boxes
Part 27: Gentlemen prefer blondes
Part 28: Spies and disguises
Part 29: Return to Peleteth
Part 30: Move
Part 31: Stealing a ship
Part 32: Waiting for Amy
Part 33: Distracting the enemy
Part 34: Captured
Part 35: Blank space
Part 36: C-Prime
Part 37: Hello, Dad
Part 38: Not a social call
Part 39: Cadets, pilots, and ships
Part 40: Research, archival retrieval, hacking...the usual academic stuff...
Part 41: Thinking about the Waratah again
Part 42: Power and choice
Part 43: Reasons for living
Part 44: University blues
Part 45: Air ducts
Part 46: Phase Two
Part 47: Games
Part 48: Reva
Part 49: Molly
Part 50: Ellen
Part 51: Retrieval
Part 52: The Idris vault
Part 53: The Birdhouse
Part 54: Pelican
Part 55: Kiterat
Part 56: Return to Idylla

SV Sophia 059
Artwork by Alison Mutton. Used with permission.

Grayson: Flashbacks
Amy: Flashbacks II
Taz: Flashbacks III
Sophia: Flashbacks IV

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