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Kissing Fish

Emily and Nate have been together for five years. It's been a solid, if pretty uneventful, five years, but everyone's just been waiting for a ring to appear and a wedding date to hit the books. So when Nate announces he's taken a permanent post in California and wants her to abandon her life and come with him, Emily is caught completely off-guard. She opts to end the relationship, stay in the UK with the dog she never wanted in the first place, and move to Scotland for a year on a temporary post in hopes of reinventing herself and finding out what else the world has to offer. Between teaching and dealing with her best friend Faye's whirlwind of short-lived romances and her other bestie Alex's six year on-again, off-again relationship saga with Sarah, the bitch cow from hell, Emily soon begins to wonder if romance is every going to re-enter her life - or if maybe she should just throw in the towel and go off to California after all. But love might be closer than she thinks...

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