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El (Cinderella)

A reverse-gender Cinderella story. Edward Elliot 'El' Russell has grown up on the streets of Eastbourne knowing that if he could only find his powerful sorcerer father, he would have a chance to learn how to use the magic in his blood. Following a seer's prophecy, El attends a party on the wealthy Kensington Hill in the hopes of finally meeting his father. In the process he finds the Lady Rebecca St Claire, who he had first met a decade earlier when, as a child, she became lost in Eastbourne. The Lady Rebecca is desperate to escape marrying her cruel cousin Richard, while El is determined to pursue his magic at the cost of everything else. Working at cross-purposes, it seems there is no chance for their love to succeed.

El, part 2

Also, excerpts from the same story:
Rebecca, again

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