Google+ The Bluestocking Firefly: December 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

St Andrews in the snow

As the world is no doubt aware, the UK has been blanketed - repeatedly - by snow in the last couple weeks. Most of this snow seems to be bypassing St Andrews, for whatever reason, but we have got a little of it, enough at least to disrupt some services (I went to Tesco's one evening, after the first round of snow, only to discover that there were no eggs. None at all. The entire giant shelf was completely empty. Quelle horreur!). I was unwell during the first round, but as with all good things, the snow has come round again, and this time I managed to get out and take some pictures of the snow. Yay!

I  took almost this same picture on Halloween, but back then the cross thingy wasn't missing its top...

I forgot to take the camera off digital macro, but I like the way this turned out.

This reminds me of Orson Welles's Othello...

The seagull standing guard over the witch's house.

Look! It's the door to Narnia! (There's one of those at Worcester College in Oxford. It's much more convincing.)

The pier at East Sands. I've walked all the way down that thing, climbed the stairs at the end, and walked all the way back along the top. In the wind. In a skirt. It's just a little scary.

This is the perfect Christmas tree. I want it.

There was something about the little old man walking down the alley that tugged at me.

I have a thing about doors. A lot of my old photos are of doors.

The tree in the courtyard outside my window. The snow makes it all much prettier.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Experiments in photography

Right at the moment I'm mid-research for an essay, so I decided to tinker around with my camera again, largely for procrastination purposes. Except there's unfortunately not a lot in my room that provides interesting material for the camera. So I came up with a few ducks, some earrings, and a little bit out the window, and that's about it...

Little ducks from Germany

Mask from the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon

Teapot and cups from Galesburg, Illinois

Feather earrings

Winter boots

Teddy bear and pillow

The rest of my building, across the courtyard (yes, it does look like a prison block) - I quite like this one

The rest of the duck family (I love my  little German ducks ^.^)

Thanksgiving leaves

Every year, we put pressed leaves on our Thanksgiving table. This year, Mum mailed leaves all the way from home just so my sister and I would have them for our tables. :) Towards the end of the evening, I was warm and sleepy and I started fiddling around with my camera, and since there were leaves everywhere, I took lots of pictures of leaves, nothing terribly exciting. 

Table before the food